Silent Night


Silent Night

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There is great beauty in self-sacrifice. I have no morbid fascination with the murder of Jesus Christ but I cannot continue to present the loving kindness and unselfish joy of God in my art without keeping a real place in my heart that is reminded of this tragedy when the simple joys of Sonship with God were so brutally ended. I love God. I love what Jesus said and did to give us truth, hope and joy. 

I do not advocate choosing God or Jesus out of guilt or fear and there is no real relationship if one is a slave. The truth of Sonship forever releases humanity from presenting itself before a loving God as a mere servant. The highest levels of service can only be attained through a loving relationship as a friend of God and as a child of God. The greatest tragedy of Jesus crucifixion is not his death but the persistent avoidance of His life, the living example of how God wants us to treat each other and the living example of how we can joyfully know and serve a living God that has created this magnificent well-nigh infinite and eternal universe in which we live.

Silent Night is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, the only hero I have ever had, the only God I will ever serve.

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