The Sacred Call


The Sacred Call

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The Shofar is not a musical instrument but a ritual instrument of the ancient and modern Hebrews. 

The Shofar has been said to arouse divine compassion and trigger the mercy of an Almighty God.  It has been used to assemble the faithful and as a call to war.

As we ponder this ancient instrument  and what it can be for gentiles, the most profound aspect is that it can become a call to repentance.

But is it the wrath of an angry God that produces true repentance?  Is it the fear of God’s vengence that gives us a broken spirit and a contrite heart?

In truth it is God’s goodness that leads men and women to repent.

And if we can but hear this primal sound as that of a beast in the forest beseeching mercy we will understand why the shofar must never become a refined musical instrument.

As music can lift our spirits and send our hearts soaring in the presence of melodious harmony, it is the sound from unaltered ram’s horn that makes clear the unimaginable gulf between a flawed creature and a perfect creator.

It is the loving kindness of God, which Jesus demonstrated, that will forever bridge that gap as we vouchsafe the presence of that same magnificent God that humbly dwells within us.

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