Sleep In Heavenly Peace

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Sleep In Heavenly Peace

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Within every child grows the seed of greatness.

Whether that child becomes the Son of Man or a farmer it matters not. God lives within us all and if you raise your child knowing that God experiences every thought, motive and action between you and your child, publicly and privately, you will be resolved to act upon your own accountability as the steward, guardian, and daily influence on this person.

Give God the opportunity to experience a life of joy within this child. Do not deprive others of that which was deprived from you. It is by giving your time unselfishly to others that will change you and restore to you that which was lost or taken from you by the selfish and heartless acts of others. 

The world in which selfish people live is a world that is dead in the eyes of God. It would be easier to create a square circle than to create a godless world and expect to find God there. 

Every attribute of our Heavenly Father that was acted out and spoken of by Jesus of Nazareth declares boldly and fearlessly that God is a creator who, by His very nature, is loving and giving. 

Our very existence is an extension of that same unselfishness. 

Not only should your child fall asleep with no fear or suffering, you should fall asleep with no regrets.

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