Round 15


Round 15

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Where are you at the end of the daily fight? 

Are you angry, exhausted, ready to quit, too mad to talk about it, or taking it out on others? 

We should always remember how Jesus faced a life full of joys and sorrows even unto a death so barbaric that it is completely unacceptable for a criminal but unspeakably brutal for God-incarnate.

And yet if we compare our struggles to those which Jesus faced we are shamed by how easily we consider throwing in the towel long before the fight is over. 

Those who triumph over this life have an unquenchable desire to love and serve others even unto death. And the grace in which Jesus met His fate should be inspiration for all future generations who struggle through this,so called, vale of tears. 

Jesus has complete confidence in the Heavenly Father’s watchcare over his life and if we dare to call ourselves followers of Jesus, can we do less than that?

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