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The life of the butterfly echoes the words of God, saying “All is well my child.”

Lilies of the field and sparrows of the sky are things Jesus spoke of to show our value in the eyes and heart of God.

Life after death is proven in nature every day but nothing about the death of a seed prepares us for the death of a child.  It is the death of the lowly caterpillar that reminds us of Jesus’ promise of our eternal life.

 Transformed from earth bound legs to winged glory, the butterfly’s metamorphosis is one of nature’s most exquisite reminders of our destiny.

Every day, innocent life is lost.  Natural disasters, horrible accidents, and the repercussions of evil people fill our papers, radios, and television sets.  When the story is about someone we know and love everything changes.  Can we ever rise above the pain of looking for someone to blame, even when it is us?  Does Jesus have a stake in our loss and does God care or stand aloof in our suffering?

The birth of our spirit life does not prepare us in time for events that are compassionately understood by the eternal ones.

Having the Spirit of the Living God in our life can cause as much unrest and confusion as it causes peace and understanding.

Live loyally as the caterpillar and day by day we will be prepared for our day of change.  And when we see others thrust, seemingly unprepared, into death’s sleep we should always remember the butterfly re-born from its cocoon of temporary slumber.

  I dedicate Metamorphosis to Baby Bella and her parents Isha and Jeremy.


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