In the Jordan


In the Jordan

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The extraordinary moment we yearn for is union with God. Becoming perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect is just words unless someone can demonstrate through daily life the practices, which yield the pearl of great price, that which we would sell all to possess. 

Jesus of Nazareth showed, by His unselfish life, the way to enjoy life and still please our Father. Those early years of divine service as the good shepherd culminated in the Jordan. Jesus surmounted the difficulties we all experience as men and women that day and fully became one with His Father. He showed us that we can do it as well. The Holy Spirit awaits each of us. As we diligently follow the Golden Rule and repent each time we fall short we are lifted to a higher level of service. The more we serve our fellows the greater the love and need grows within us to participate in that same unselfish service. Jesus made apostles of average men from diverse backgrounds. His life gave them hope and hope to others that they too might become more than just mortal men and women. They became living vessels and active temples of God. We know that Jesus meant for us to have hope as well and become one with God. We saw how He did it. He told us we could and should do it. He went about doing good to others and was ever alert to be about His Father's business. Jesus did all this as a mortal. He played the game on our field with our rules and still won. His victorious life and the way in which He met the struggles of life and valiantly met death make it forever impossible for us to feel sorry for ourselves in the face of such a glorious life. So be of good cheer, the Master even now participates in our struggles and encourages us to solve our difficulties with faith, hope, and charity.

"In the Jordan" is dedicated to the Holy Spirit who burns within us that we might be consumed by the presence of God through the life and teachings of Jesus.


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