Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit

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Many of us have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is as sweet and tender as the voice of Jesus is calm and profound. 

And while this precious side of God will always be more than we can ever fully comprehend it is modified for us, as His children, so that we may touch the face of God and live. How much more does our infinite, eternal, loving, and all powerful God do for us? 

How many ways has He divested Himself and become as one of us so that we might draw near Him? 

In the fullness of time there is no limit nor boundry between us and the Holy Spirit. 

While the Holy Spirit appeared as a dove for the baptism of Jesus, when all men and women finally rally in unified desperation for the presence of God, the Holy Spirit will come again as a mighty rushing wind but this time with the force of a global hurricane. God is patient.

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