Forbidden City


Forbidden City

from 2.50

Luke 9:48 

Every civilization has a Golden era. Throughout history these years are full of the excesses of material luxury. They also represent the times when only the very best would please those in power. The Forbidden City is the ancient tapestry of this life. Woven within its walls the Imperial Family and guests were treated to a life of highest honor and expectation. Today The Forbidden City is a truly venerated fortress of the once pearl of Chinese civilization. The orphaned children in China are the final repercussions of this ancient time. The seed of genetic brilliance is constantly being overlooked in these little ones and their true fruits are often pruned before their gifts are allowed to blossom. With Jesus as the Great Emperor, these children and their magnificent civilization can once again reach the heights of former glory in the realm of the Spirit. The Forbidden City is now a symbol of spiritual prosperity found only in the everlasting arms and mercy of the true Emperor of Heaven and Earth. "A Helping Hand" Adoption Agency lives within the walls of this great city serving the one true living God and his Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

"The Forbidden City" is dedicated to "A Helping Hand" and Ya Pin, the beautiful orphan from Lanzhou, China and all of her friends in the orphanage that I love dearly. 

"A Helping Hand" can be reached at:
501 Darby Creek Rd., Lexington, KY 40509
(859) 263-9964 / 1-800-525-0871


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