Fire Dancer


Fire Dancer

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Fire Dancer started as a book cover for a lovely woman named Stacey Dier. She got the call from God to create yet another puzzle piece in His grand plan. I am reminded often of how God will place a burden on someone's heart who feels unprepared for the task. It has been my joyful call to service to assist more than one of these obedient people. 

Although the Fire Dancer story can be about dancing joyfully in the presence of God, it might just as easily be about the willingness to serve. Obedience in worship or taking out the garbage have one thing in common, when it is done as a joyful service it is pleasing to God. 

You will never have greater joy than when you achieve the full satisfaction of worship. Next to that surely would be the true joy of service. By attempting to master these we can aspire to do as Jesus did. We can learn to do good as we pass by. We can take time for those seemingly mundane tasks that God would have us to do as a service to another. By using our gifts to the very best of our ability, we elevate the secular to levels of the sacred. 

The freedom that dancing before the Lord brings is full of joy and intense commitment. Sometimes dancing and praising is one of those small things we need to take time to do.

The Fire Dancer is dedicated to those who dance to please God


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