Even In Darkness


Even In Darkness

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I am with you always
Matthew 28:20

God is not afar off, but ever-present and fearless, in the midst of our trials. He beckons us to observe the light of joy and peace within us and around us. Shadows are sometimes cast by us and sometimes cast by circumstances around us. However large the darkness appears to be, it has no depth and cannot hold any of our dreams or aspirations so why would we allow that same void to create fear in our lives? Our fear of the dark is profound but it simply isn't real. The living God, Our Father in Heaven, cares about our pain and suffering. And yet, even in the vast expanse of the unknown tomorrows, He requires that we be not anxious or afraid. Faith is the light by which we can dispel any darkness. Trust that God has not forgotten you in your time of need. Rather, hold firm the knowledge that the Faith we need for eternity is lived to the fullest by those who gracefully accept the challenges and trials meant to develop our spiritual character and transform us into hearts of gold and minds of steel.

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