Dusting Off


Dusting Off

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The greatest truths we will ever comprehend only occur in the midst of our trials and adversity. Where would we be if Jesus never spoke these words? "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." 
This amazing truth, which forever changes our perception of suffering, would not be ours if Jesus hadn't endured the ultimate undeserved persecution, humiliation, beatings, and death of a common criminal. These are the traits of a true spiritual warrior. 
This is the pattern from which we were made and this is our destiny to live a life so full of love and compassion for others that we will do as our master bids us. We must love and serve others as he loved and continues to love and serve us. 
Serving others in spirit and truth has never been about the first mile. It has always and only been about the second mile. This is where God lives. God visits us as we flatter ourselves in the first mile then He invites us to join Him in the real world where life is created and universes are born. 

Serve Man by loving God, Serve God by loving Man.

I dedicate The Warrior King to every act, thought and decision made by Jesus. All of them were noble, courageous, full of compassion, truth and life. He was born a King. More importantly he lived as a King.


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