Celebrate your Faith


Celebrate your Faith

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It is our sacred duty and exalted privilege to expand the threshold of faith. Those who've lost their way in this short intense life may struggle for years over issues far less profound than faith. 

We should respond to faith as effortlessly as our planet responds to the gravitational pull of our sun and if the centrifugal forces of life make us feel as though we've lost our orbit, our living faith will keep us in the firm loving grasp of God.  The spiritual gravity of God is as certain as the physical gravity of our sun. 

Imagine a moment in our future when all people are united in the experience of living faith.  A moment when the collective consciousness of mankind becomes the transcendent unified corporeal body of Christ. This is the game changer.  This is the point in time when mankind is unified in living faith and there will be a transcendent moment when we emerge into sour true spiritual identity as a butterfly emerges from the cocoon.  This is when God inhales through all of us at once.  This is when the scales fall from our eyes and we literally recognize each other as children of the most high God.  

“Celebrate Your Faith” is about this real moment in our destiny.

Faith is a simple joyous understanding which releases our disappointments, expectations, and even our hopes at the altar of our feet as autumn leaves fall about a mighty oak.  The desire to do good to others magnifies our faith. Conversely, when we succumb to interpreting the world through a selfish heart we lose sight of faith and we become like the foolish electron who expects to be the nucleus of the atom. 

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