Catch the Fire


Catch the Fire

from 2.50

In Praise of His Holy Spirit 

Receiving the Holy Spirit begins with an emptiness and need that makes us feel isolated and unsure of our place in the Universe. This loneliness is a gift from God. As physical hunger drives us to eat, spiritual hunger leads us to worship. The Holy Spirit is grieved when we try to satisfy those spiritual cravings with earthly distractions. 

We then have made the Holy Spirit lonely because we have separated ourselves from the divine presence sent to us as the desire of the ages and the peace that passes all understanding. 

The Holy Spirit, poured out on all flesh, is also grieved when we judge others, are prejudiced, self-righteous and belittle or condemn non-Christians who are indeed also created by God. When we allow the Spirit to live through us we will soon have no part of behavior that leads back to loneliness and emptiness.

I dedicate this painting with great affection to Randy Clark and Gary Shelton as well as their ministries.

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