The Lamb


The Lamb

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With what can we compare the loneliness and fear of separation from God if we don't even know we're lost? How do we recognize the voice of God so that we can yield and surrender to the divine embrace? If we are part of the safe ninety-nine how do we react at the sight of one who is obviously lost?

The Master always goes after the lost because the followers who do not stray are almost always afraid to. The Master bids us to do more than follow. He has called us friends and the responsibilities that go along with that are equal to the privileges. We are blessed beyond measure to be children of a fearless God. Those who join God in seeking to save that which is lost are embraced with the same bottomless joy as the one who was lost. If we don't help save the lost are we really found?

Those who inhale and exhale the life and teachings of the Son of Man will always surpass those who only glorify a risen Christ. Although Jesus had the power to resurrect himself from the tomb it is up to us to resurrect the human side of Jesus from 2,000 years of traditions and dogmas so that the religion of Jesus will surpass the religion about Jesus and allow us to share his faith and hope in humanity and our potential destiny as children of our living God who?s true nature is love.

"The Lamb" is dedicated to Jesus and the infinite souls who have become and will become living examples of God's will made manifest by the unselfish loving service to others. God is love. Find the true nature of love and you will live and move within God's will in unbroken communion just as Jesus did.


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