"The experience of creating a portrait of another human being is a lot like falling in love."   - Stephen Sawyer

Stephen Sawyer is a master portrait artist.  Who else would God entrust with the painting of his son?  As I believe Steve was entrusted.  

Take a look at Stephen’s portrait commissions here.

I’ve been learning portraiture from Steve.  It’s not easy. Capturing someone’s likeness is much more complex than capturing a sunset or a flower.

People see and experience so many things in their lives, and somehow these things are held within their outward appearance.  Especially creating a portrait for someone others may know better than yourself, capturing that likeness can be tricky.

I asked Steve today what his favorite thing is about portrait painting.  “Becoming part of the family,” he responded.  “Every so often you will capture the likeness of someone so well, you will become a close family friend, and that’s pretty special.”

He received one letter particularly touching from one client where in it he says, "Finally he exclaimed, "That's it, That's you." I was still not a believer...until I saw the finished portrait..... I saw me, the real me."

It’s letters like this that make me grateful I am learning from Steve, hopeful that eventually I will receive a joyfully written letter or become a new family friend. 


Posted on September 14, 2016 .