Art Class

It is hard to convey how far I have gone as an artist since I have begun taking classes from Steve.

Painting can be an intimidating thing.   So many, who may even have the desire to paint, hold themselves back with the notion that “I can’t even draw a stick figure.”  As someone who teaches beginner painting classes myself with a local “have a drink and painting a painting” sort of place, I can say that is a phrase I have heard way too many times in my life.

Beginning a class can be intimidating, how do I clean my brushes?  What kind of paint thinner do I use?  How much paint do I put on the pallet? What colors do I mix?  What colors should I even buy?  Where do I get my brushes? Is the canvas from Hobby Lobby just as good as other canvas? Am I even good enough that it matters?

The questions are overwhelming.  I have personally spent hours on YouTube, gleaning information from the experts, and still, it is difficult to get started without some real face to face instruction

I am so grateful that I can get some real instruction right here in Kentucky, without having to go back to college.  I enjoy being a class filled with hobbyists, other aspiring artists, and even a ten-year-old, from time to time (she’s adorable by the way).

As I have painted, I have realized, life is too short.  It is too important to discover your passion and pursue your love for something.  I don’t want to take a back seat in life, I want to drive, that is what painting class is for me.  

I have also learned that painting with real instruction is an invaluable experience, and I am years ahead of where I would have been without Steve’s instruction. 

My Latest Painting, "Laundry Day"

My Latest Painting, "Laundry Day"

If you are in the Lexington, Kentucky area and you are looking for some real painting instruction, I highly suggest you contact Steve.   I can truly say that he is an art instructor that truly cares about the success and satisfaction of his students. 

-Allison Strickling 

Posted on July 25, 2016 .