Finding a printer in the Lexington, KY area who is willing to print high quality prints with archival inks, is basically impossible. 

I have been searching for this for weeks.  After a couple of years of lessons from Steve, my art has reached the point where people are interested in purchasing it. However, an original isn't in everyone's budget, so, some people want prints. 

While voicing this frustration, Steve revealed to me that he does this, and does it well.  So, this blog post is a favor to you artists out there, see Steve. 

Below are some recommendations from some other artists who have used Steve for their prints.  They're glowing. It shouldn't have surprised me.  Steve seems to build his career around serving others and helping other artists.  Yet, I was surprised to find yet another service he provides. 



"I have tried many highly recommended, expensive printmaking services in the past and I have always been disappointed with the way my art prints looked.  The prints were one disaster after another.  I was so disappointed because I had wasted so much money on bad prints.   A few years ago all that disappointment ended when  I found Stephen Sawyer.  In my opinion his prints come out far better than any other.   Also his prices are very reasonable and fair and he is excellent at what he does.  I would not use anyone else!"



"I am so fortunate to have my original pastel artwork, that is showing at Art for God Gallery, printed by Stephen Sawyer.  The results are wonderful!  His work is of the best quality, and the Giclee images are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.  He uses the finest quality archival paper and inks, adding to my confidence in the final product.  I also really enjoy working with Stephen, in part because it is so obvious that he truly cares about my art and my art business.  It takes the worry out, to be able to trust my artwork giclees to someone who treats them with the same care that he would his own."



"I have been greatly blessed, and forever inspired, to have been afforded the opportunity to work with Stephen Sawyer over the years as he has reproduced several pieces of my art.  Each time, I have been simply stunned with the quality of the final products; often seemingly superior to my original!  With Steve, I have always been provided with much more than just high-quality reproductions.   Having such an accomplished artist give of his time, talent, knowledge, energy and advice in the hopes of furthering this meager novelist's career and work are of a value that I could never put a price upon."
Doug Miller




Posted on November 6, 2016 .