Seeing the image of my painting, CALVARY, reposted several hundred thousand times with most viewers completely unaware of the artist I continue to have evolving reactions.  

I remind myself that CALVARY was always about the ministry.  I would never have predicted that it would become my best seller for nearly a decade.  Do I ever wish I could have a dollar for every repost or even a dime?

Knowing the struggles which beset many artists was no surprise for me as I read many stories about artists and their lives.  Some were biographies, some autobiographies.  Regardless, I entered into this life with my eyes as open as I was able.

It is fascinating to observe that my story is as unique as my fingerprints and nothing about the other artists I studied has prepared me for this life.

So, here is one of the things I have learned.

Life requires everything from you whether you enter into partnership or have it torn from your grasp.

Posted on October 22, 2015 .