The God Is Love Chair

Commissioned by my friend, Doug Durbin / Orthodontist Lexington, KY
Doug asked me to design and carve the back of a classic chair.  The chair's original back support broke. The design I came up with had the earth, and a banner stating, "God is Love"

My friend, Greg Leigh, who is a very gifted woodworker, attached my carving to the chair and re-stained them so they would match.  
The carving was done on mahogany.


In 2007 Stephen was commissioned to transform the old arcade on Rose and Euclid in Lexington, KY.
He was responsible to design a world class coffee shop from the floor to the ceiling. Serving as designer, artist, decorator, and contractor.

Stephen completed the task and rose to the challenge again in the fall of 2011 he designed the adjoining space became when it became available.


Eastern Kentucky Broadcasting

In the fall of 2014 I was contacted to design and construct a professional television studio for Pikeville’s first television station.  
EKB is already well known for several radio stations. The space was originally a two car garage on the property.  Prior to the news set it had been converted into additional office space.  The following photos show the sequence from the empty room to the working news set.