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Broken hearts, broken homes, broken lives, and broken connections with God.

It is our lust to satisfy ourselves that slowly seduces us to destroy that same ‘self’ which we held in such high esteem. And it is only the tragedy of ‘self’ never transcending into unselfishness that so deceives us with the false freedoms we cherish above all else.

In one moment the threshold is crossed and we are lost.

Lost in the belief of our own power. Lost in the belief of our own strength and lost in our ability to recognize it.

We serve ourselves at the cost of others until there is only one unselfish person left who will intercede and sacrifice himself to endure our private hell.

Only God can go where all the doors are held shut by the enemy. Only God will stay even when the devil himself finally walks out on you. Only God will share in the fullness of your sufferings and never forsake you.

And ultimately it is only the lost ‘self’ that can lose everything and eventually tell, what they believed was a helpless God, to go to hell.

We would be honored to hear your testimony!

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colleen, MI2013-06-23 [19:18:07]
I can't believe how powerful this picture is! I see a man that's surrounded by all of satin's evilness, the hand print is satin's i never thought that what we do to our self we are doing to god.... I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!
Bonnie Jutte, OH2013-05-07 [20:02:31]

I sent a copy of your picture "Calvary" to my son in prison. He is in for heroin abuse. He loved it and a lot of the guys he is in with want a copy also.
I wanted to let you know how much this picture means to my family. No matter how deep you have sunk, Jesus Christ is still our savior and has paid the price for our sins. We cannot fathom the love that he has for us.
Thank you so much.
Bob Bateman, ID2013-04-29 [21:19:56]
Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! Here is my awesome Testimony! I was born-again in the Army in 1964: then off to Korea for a year. I always knew that Jesus chose me for a unique calling in how He would pour out of me His Anointing Power. I had to fight off homosexuality. I did not live that way. I had the struggle. The full testimony is on my computer should you contact me. In 2002, Jesus set me free! Oh halleluiah! That day I was driving my car, crying as I listened to gospel music on my car radio. When I returned home that evening, I was in the deepest thoughts I have ever had. I wanted to know if Jesus did something to me earlier in the day. I felt He had, but I HAD to know for sure! As I sat in my chair watching secular TV, my mind was not on the TV. Then it happened! It was like I was looking over my shoulder and the BURDEN was gone! We speak of His Joy, but I feel we don\'t truly know what it is really like! I was in awe! I had walked with Jesus for 38 years up to that day. Ever since, I have been a different man! My walk with the Master is not like it was ... and it was good even then ... but today, it would take heartfull seeking Him to be placed into words! Also, God showed me that a homosexual is definitely NOT a human being. This means nobody is born gay! Here is the glorious Truth: A homosexual is a demon from hell! YOU are not gay! The demon is! Therefore, the Good News is that Jesus will deliver you .... As you truly walk with Him ..This is what I did. I was not perfect, I did sin, but I kept my eyes on Jesus and always I would repent sincerely before Him! I hated it! And so, I set my heart with Jesus; I did not allow \'religion\' to get in the way! I am against nobody. But I have learned thru living for Him that religion is not Jesus: how so? Jesus is a Person, not a religion! We need His Word!! Absolutely! I feel that this sin is one of the hardest to overcome: but Jesus will deliver if you just make up your mind that you are going to serve Him with all your heart and soul, seeking Him every day, no matter what! Yes there will be days of pain, sorrow, and almost causing despair! I know! I went thru it! I know I can help anybody. It is by His Holy Spirit\'s Awesome Anointing Power ... I can deliver nobody but my loving testimony will touch hearts! You know, I used to hear that Jesus sets all captives free! I already knew this but not deep in my KNOWER! Let me explain: Today I see that KNOWING in the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with my own mental knowing. Like the old song: He walks with me and talks with me and the Joy we share none other has ever known! Our Jesus is so PERSONAL with you! You can never shock Him! Oh praise the Lord, that’s good! There are good ministries for gays, and I feel they are fine; however, they are not your answer: Jesus is! I best close. My name is Bob Bateman. I have two main ministries that Jesus has given to me: Singing for Him and Writing for Him. In 1986 the Lord placed me in a professional recording studio in Hollywood. We recorded a full gospel album of 8 songs, all written by the late Billy Franks (he died in 1995). Bill\'s heart-and-soul was to see America return to Jesus Christ! And he prayed and prayed thru his 70 years. The title song for my album reflects this about Brother Bill: \"America, It\'s Surely Time to Pray\"! We were brutally bombed in Boston a few days ago! I fear even worse terrors are coming from Islamists. We must pray!!! DILIGENTLY!!! You may reach me thru the Internet address: nametabbob@gmail.com . And my home postal address for you: Bob Bateman, Evangelist of Song, 3708 Pinehurst Drive, Boise, Idaho 83703. My telephone: 208/342-4889. Thank you! I hope to hear from you very soon! Jesus is about to return! Much Love, Brother Bob
Katie Dufrisne, CA2013-04-07 [07:56:59]
Hello , I'm Katie Dufrisne . Art For God , K Love, Todd Agnew , And Medowview Bilbe Church, Helped better the trials of my life. Changing me to become the persom God Created to Write the words above in my testimony I truly put on the ART FOR GOD post one day hoping that I would be heard. I have been heard. I have been heard by so many people and even a very special person whom used to be a big part of my life and became lost like a wonder, and I believe this post helped I change him and his way of viewing life.I Thank God for giving us the path to guide back sliders to move forwards with life to later become strong enough over time to carry the lost in some way to bring them along with us on Gods paths to HEAVEN. I wrote that testimony above quite some time ago and when people told me I needed to help myself before others. If I did so much as just putting myself before others then I wouldn't be here typing a heart to heart To ART FOR GOD for having the website I posted on that CHANGED the perspective in a man's life that was very lost and far from the path HE chose to backslide from . I know in my heart I did a wonderful thing by keeping my faith strong and not giving up on my beliefs and compassion for helping others. I wrote what I felt my heart wanted me to say at the time and for that .God has given me the blessings of knowing that A person who keeps there faith no matter how hard things get in life. Meaning well is the Power to Get well. HEALING is a slow process sometimes. Maybe this is an example of true healing, I believe that the man who GOOGLED my name and the testimony I wrote for the ART for GOD site was the very moment my voice was loud and clear. looking for some reason to change? I was hoping that the man who I was with would .so I wrote my testimony I share above. And now after some time later.. He Googled my name and found this. What I wrote and by not giving up on my beliefs and faith. He changed when he Read this years down the road leading to the path of RECOVERY . LOVE ALWAYS, KATIE DUFRISNE I HOPE GOD gets the message out to many others and in good hopes that THIS ART FOR GOD Art TOUCHES OUR LOST Brothers and SISTERs hearts enough. To feel our hearts cry for the recovery of the misguided hearts we must bring to recovery. The blood we feel shedding tears means overcoming the needles poison from satin. and Healing is KEY. unlock the doors to change your life for we should not drink from blood of poison , We should drink of only blood of Purity.
whitney, IN2013-01-17 [21:29:03]
Hello. I would just like to thank you for this picture. I cant recall where I first saw this *posibly church, possibly prison* but I know it means alot to me. I was addicted to opiates for about 10 years and herion for 6 of those 10. I started using at age 13 and it just progressed. I started dealing and didnt make any money because It just suppoerted my habbit. I have friends die on me, almost die on me and go to prison but nothing stopped me using. I remember my car windshield had blood and melted down dope spots all over it from where me and \"friends: would shoot up and we would have to squirt some out of the rig. Anyway.. I went to jail a handful of times and prison twice. I grew up in church but fell away at 13. This last time in prison I decided to get into the PLUS program. It was the BEST descion of my life. it is a christian recovery program. I rededicated my life and got close to God while I was in there and since I got released I have never looked back. i could have never let go of the dope on my own but by the grace of God I am clean. I am now married to a great christian man *who was addicted to alcohol at one point in his life* and he works with at risk youth and I am in currently in college going for a degree in addictions counseling. We are both active members of our church. Praise GOD
Al C, VA2012-12-24 [16:55:24]
Praise God for this drawing every time I see it reminds me of the death Satan had me in when I was using. I praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his grace on an old junkie like myself of the life he has allowed me to live the last 19 1/2 yrs. clean and sober. My prayer this coming year is to have this picture painted on my scoot with your permission to use as another tool to almost and dying world. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.
lynnette, OH2012-09-30 [03:31:11]
the 1st time i saw this was in prison. I was a nurse that got cought up in painkiller addiction. Out of rehab, prison,family support, and endless prayers this picture had the most profound effect on me. I still to this day carry it with me. A quick glance is my most beloved anti-drug. Thank you and God bless!!
Michael, OH2012-08-18 [16:52:52]
This painting hit home with me. I was raised in a catholic school and have strong religious beliefs and have also been a heroin addict for 9 years now. This man died for our sins and this painting to me shows that in a sense he will still forgive me for what I have done and that it also hurts not only me but everyone. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and may god be with you.
harry, PA2012-08-15 [12:56:00]
i had the pleasure of meeting stephen in person at a christian concert about three years ago i saw this painting for the first time them and cried it truly touched my heart then and still does now i am still struggling with addiction and everytime i see this picture it truly touches me
Bob, MN2012-07-24 [09:10:17]
Hey Chad,
I don't think this painting has anything to do with God doing your job and taking your responsibilities from you.
This painting is about the fact that God endures all of our misery as well as celebrates our joys and victories.
God might want us to get clean and sober so that we can have a better life but we have to make the free will decisions to do the right things, just like when we made the free will decisions to do the very bad things.

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