There are many valid and important reasons to exercise your creativity.  Whether you are learning new ideas and techniques or rekindling your gift, art is a powerful means of expression and relaxation.

Even if you are just curious and want to try as a beginner, you are welcome in this class. 



Student Reviews:



Allison Strickling:

I come from a family of artists and growing up I was constantly surrounded by art.  While I've painted for several years, there was always a wall of frustration I would hit when I would find that I simply did not know how to do something.  While I teach acrylic painting myself, a deeper understanding of certain techniques, and the use of oil paints is something I've always aspired to.  Working with Steve has been invaluable to me.  I am discovering a greater talent than I ever imagined and the joy that comes with that is indescribable.  

Learning from a master like Steve allows me to let myself really experiment with my paintings.  His years of experience and knowledge are invaluable to my self discovery as an artist. Working on this painting of my daughter specifically, I could feel myself transforming and my confidence growing with each class. I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that with Steve's help, I will get there. 

Nancy DeJarnette:

If you think you can’t draw a stick man, but you have an interest, you have talent and it’s Steve’s gifted ability to teach that allows that hidden talent to emerge.  As with any learning, art is a process, a series of steps which Steve is careful to tailor to each student individually according to their personality and needs.

Classes are interactive, encouraging, and friendly and as I’ve heard a number of times, “The highlight of my week.” 

I would encourage anyone who had an interest in art to contact Steve Sawyer.  Steve will allow anyone to “sit in” to see how things are done in an encouraging, non-intimidating, no stress environment.  And… Steve makes the BEST cup of coffee around.  You won’t go away disappointed.