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God loved us and sent his Son Jesus.  During the holiday season, besides gift giving, let's share of the love of Jesus.  How can we impact and make a difference?  How can we be love in this world?

Here's a couple of my ideas as we are out and about during this season:

  1. Smile.....When you see someone else smiling, tell them, "Your smile lights up the room."  You can even proceed by asking them, "Is that the joy of the Lord on your face?" so you can open a conversation about Jesus.
  2. Put your phone away.  You could be missing a very valuable opportunity to be love and share Jesus. Show love, be nice and you might list someone's spirits.

It's easy to be love! It's about extending ourselves.  In this world of business and selfishness, how can you take a little extra time to be love?


Written by Beverly Rogers

for Stephen & Cindy Sawyer
"Serve God by Loving Man, Serve Man by Loving God"


Posted on December 12, 2016 .